How to Make an Online Review Game in PowerPoint for My Students

Creating a review game in PowerPoint is a fantastic way to engage your middle school students and help them prepare for a test. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to creating basic online review games using PowerPoint:

Step 1: Design Your Slide Layout

Open PowerPoint and create a new presentation.

Title Slide: Start with a title slide. Include the name of your game, the subject, and any relevant graphics or images.

Question Slides: Create a new slide for each question. Write the question at the top and list possible answers below. You can use the A, B, C, D format for answers.

Step 2: Create Answer Slides

Right Answers: For each question, make a slide that shows the correct answer and perhaps an explanation or fun fact related to the answer.

Wrong Answers: Optionally, create slides for wrong answers to provide feedback or correct misconceptions.

Step 3: Add Interactivity with Hyperlinks

Linking Answers: Go back to each question slide. Select the text box containing an answer. Right-click and choose “Hyperlink.”

Link to Slides: In the hyperlink options, link each answer to its respective correct or incorrect answer slide. For example, if the answer to Question 1 is “B,” link B to the slide with the correct answer explanation.

Return to Questions: On each answer explanation slide, add a button or text saying “Next Question” and hyperlink it to the next question slide or back to the main menu if you have one.

Step 4: Add Visuals and Transitions

Visuals: Enhance your slides with images, colors, and animations to make the game more engaging.

Transitions: Add slide transitions under the “Transitions” tab to make the game flow better.

Step 5: Test Your Game

Slide Show Mode: Run your game in Slide Show mode to ensure all links and transitions work as expected.

Playtest: Have a colleague or a few students test the game and provide feedback.

Step 6: Save and Share

Save Your Presentation: Ensure you save your PowerPoint file.

Share: If your students have access to computers, you might share the file with them for independent study or play it in class using a projector or a smart board.

This template allows you to create a simple and functional review game. As you get more comfortable, you can explore more advanced features in PowerPoint, such as timed transitions, triggered animations, and even using macros for more complex interactions. Enjoy engaging your students with this creative review method!