How Long Will It Take To Set Up Solar Panels?

If this is your first time installing solar panel in your home or business property, you probably would want to know how much time the entire installation process will take. The answer heavily depends on a number of factors such as the size and number of your solar panels.

This article will explain the different probable factors that would affect the installation timeframe of your solar panels.

The Installation Contractor

One of the top factors that can affect the speed of installation for your solar panels is the contractor you picked for the job. If you chose a popular contractor that has numerous customers lined up, you might have to wait for a few days or weeks to have your solar panels set up. On the other hand, smaller service providers may not have a lot of clients and are likely to get your solar panels installed in no time.

Inspections and Permits

Just like handling other projects, you need to acquire the necessary permits from your local authorities when installing solar panels. Acquiring permits can take quite a while as the officials will have to conduct inspections first before giving you permission to proceed with the installation project.

Solar Panel’s Size and Number

If your solar panel system comes in multiple panels, you should expect the installation process to take quite longer. In addition to that, large solar panels can also be laborious to set up and may take a while than setting up small solar panels.

Your Property

Truth be told, various properties vary and this is true for the installation of solar panels. A solar panel system’s installation can also vary from one property to another. Depending on the construction and design of your home, setting up your solar panels can either be a breeze or a pretty challenging task.

It is, especially, going to take time if your roof is not readily designed for solar panel installation. These roofs require a lot of preparation before installation can commence.


There you have! Those are all the factors that could possibly affect the installation process and timeframe of your solar panels. To ensure proper installation, only choose to hire a reputable and trustworthy contractor for the installation job.