Tesla CyberTruck to be Transformed Into a Tiny Mobile Home

The Telsa CyberTruck is still a long way from becoming a reality. However, Stream It Inc. has already come up with the design of CyberLandr which will turn your Tesla CyberTruck into a mobile home to fit four.

Even before it could go into production, Stream It Inc. has designed a pop-up camper that converts the truck into a tiny home you can take on the road. It features exceptional amenities, which are powered by solar panels for rvs. Read on to get more details about this exciting innovation.

The Tesla CyberTruck looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The gleaming futuristic looks of the CyberTruck have to be seen to be believed. The truck is not yet in production and will not be so for some time. However, it has already generated a lot of excitement.

Features of the CyberLandr

The CyberLandr, as seen on a video posted on their site, pops up from the bed of the truck. It has a small bathroom and one big chamber/room that works as a living area/office/kitchen/bedroom.

When not in use the whole thing collapses into a compact package in the bed of the truck.

Here are some of the features:

Cozy Living Area/Office Space

  • Effortlessly control climate and lighting using your voice or an app
  • 32” 4k UHD Smart TV/monitor with Netflix, YouTube, AppleTV, Prime, etc. Of course, you need to buy a subscription
  • A StarLink satellite dish that offers high-speed Internet. However, this requires a StarLink subscription
  • WiFi provides wireless networking
  • Surround sound audio
  • Freestanding seating that can recline. You can also move the seating. Or take the seats outside if you like. These seats can be converted into beds.
  • Foldable tables that can be used as a desk
  • You have a lovely view on at least three sides
  • Heated flooring

Cute Kitchenette

  • Large sink with washing area, colander, drying rack, and cutting board
  • A faucet that can be controlled manually, without touching, or by voice control
  • Porcelain counter with more than 5 square feet of space
  • Induction cooktop located underneath the countertop

Compact Bathroom

  • Heated porcelain tile floor
  • Shower with 5 flow patterns for a spa-like experience.
  • The water is recycled using 4-stage filtration, so you can use as much water as you want
  • A dry-flush toilet with a self-cleaning bowl. Easy to use and maintain

Comfortable Bedroom

  • The two reclining seats transform into an RV-sized queen bed on top of the kitchen counter
  • Underneath the “beds” there is space for two children or one adult on the floor
  • Electrochromic dimming provides privacy
  • Sleep easy with an alarm system with 360º surveillance and motion-sensing exterior lighting

These are just some of the features of this incredible innovation from Stream It. Well, you are probably wondering how much it will cost for this pop-up mobile home. According to Stream, it will cost $49,995. However, they do have some promotions which are on their website. Check the Order section of their website. Please note that $49,995 is just the price of the CyberLandr pop-up mobile home. You have to buy the CyberTruck separately.


Indeed, the CyberTruck sounds exciting. Even more exciting is the CyberLandr pop-up mobile home from Stream It Inc. Although the company has not announced the shipping day, they plan to release it at the same time as the release of Tesla Cybertruck.

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